Pi Math Symbol Large Jute Shopping Bag


π ≈ 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971… and on and on and on!
This bag is a wonderful gift for a math teacher or for the biggest geek you know, and yes, that might be you 🤓!



So what kind of gift do you get for a math wiz? A Pi symbol jute bag of course!

Perfect as a gift for your favourite teacher or professor to carry all your books, freshly sharpened pencils and their bags of knowledge! 🤓

Made from 100% jute this this strong, practical bag features a deluxe padded handle in a matching natural colour. A thin plastic lining makes these bags waterproof from the inside (think extra cold milk bottles) and can easily be wiped cleaned after being filled fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

This large bag measures: 36cm x 39cm x 15cm (not including the handles).

Show off your new, bright, bold, fabulously designed bag around town at the grocery store, take it to a food festival, to the beach or use to carry your many, many, many math books.

The pi symbol large jute large jute bag features a large black pi symbol on one side.

Makes a wonderful gift for the savvy, stylish shopper, movie or math geek.

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Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 36 x 39 x 5 cm
Handle size

Long handle, Short handle


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