Midnight Romance jute gift bag


Spark some romance with this hand painted jute gift bag


Midnight romance gift bag or lunch tote!

Inspired by my 10 year wedding anniversary and reminiscing of our romantic trip to Amsterdam many years ago (pre-wedding, kids and general responsibility) here we have a young couple in love having a passionate kiss leaning against a lamppost.

Eco, reusable and hand painted love this bag is perfect for a fashionable packed lunch or to fill with goodies for a fun quirky gift.

This 100% jute tote bag large bag measures 20cm x 20cm x 15cm, has deluxe padded handle in a matching natural colour and a lovely thin plastic lining which makes this cute bag waterproof from the inside- makes for easy cleanup after accidental spills (i.e. that open can of diet you forgot to take out before your evening commute!)

This bag features a romantic couple kissing against a lamp post on one side.

Each bag is totally unique as I freehand with the stencils. Useful art.

The perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary.

Spark some romance with this hand painted jute gift bag.

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Dimensions 20 x 20 x 15 cm


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