Welcome to Destination Jute!

I am Melanie, wife, mum and founder of Destination Jute- a place to find bold and fun tote bags. Located on the beautiful Wirral Peninsula in North West England, with satisfied customers all over the world.

The Destination Jute Story: I painted my first set of tote bags back in 2015. My 2nd son had just been born and the 5p plastic bag tax was about to come in. I needed a project, I didn’t want to start paying for flimsy plastic bags that pollute the environment, so I painted 5 jute bags with my favourite destinations: USA (where I was born), Ireland (where my husband was born), UK (where I live), Wirral (the peninsula I live on now) and Cape Cod (the peninsula I grew up on). I posted my creations online. People liked them. I got orders. Destination Jute was born! Hurrah!

The Destination Jute Style: Hot pink flying pigs, striking dog silhouettes, flamingos and hippos in top hats, peacock quills, inspirational quotes, bold coloured destinations, unicorns, mermaids, yoga warriors, happy bananas, funny puns, giraffes in love. These are just a few of the fun designs you will find on Destination Jute bags.

Make the bag you carry more than just a necessity; throw back your shoulders, put on a smile, pick up your handles, and show off your unique style.

There is always something new to see! Find out what’s inspiring me lately by following me on Facebook and Instagram.